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GTG is recognised as a leader in the engineering, development and supply of synchronizers for agricultural tractors.
During the past few years, Graziano has consolidated its position as co-developer regarding synchronizers with single, double and triple cone, using various and latest friction materials.


During the past few years, Graziano has entered the special market of “zero emission” vehicles: the electrical vehicles, e.g. golf and utility cars.
Today, Graziano is developing a range of the transaxles and differential assemblies suitable for rear and front drive vehicles.
Even if the drivelines appear not to be complex, they in fact need advanced technology and a quality level such as in the sophisticated automotive market.
GTG technical capabilities, in the design, co-design and testing dept, have enabled the acquisition of important business “worldwide” with high volumes of transaxles and differential assemblies supplied to the OEM leaders in this market.


Powershift transmissions, axles and transaxles for application on forklift trucks with a capacity of 8 tons.

Sub-assemblies for drivelines

GTG supply systems developed and industrialized in co-design with the leading manufacturers in the market.
Some important applications:

   • differentials and PTO’s for agricultural tractors
   • drivelines for cotton pickers
   • transmissions for combine harvesters

Components: gears and crown wheels & pinions (bevel gear sets)
The presence in this market, for over 50 years, allows Graziano to offer its customers a partnership for supplying components:
   • cylindrical, spur and helical gears, cut by hob or slotted, shaved or ground with Reishauer and Kapp technologies
   • bevel gears (coniflex and revacycle technologies) and spiral bevel gears (GLEASON, OERLIKON & KLINGELNBERG), lapped and ground.

Graziano develops gearboxes for sport and luxury cars, in-house or in co-design.
Graziano has the possibility to offer and personalise complete products for all types of applications. The services offered to the customers include the design, the prototype construction, the testing activity, arriving at complete supply.
Graziano works in partnership with the main important car manufacturers, including Ferrari Auro, Maserati, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Aston Martin, FIAT, GM, PSA Peugeot, Citroen and Renault.

Axles for wheeled loaders
with wet disc brake system

Axles for graders
with wet disc brake system

Axles for city buses
Inverted Portal Axles (IPA) for a new generation of lower floor city buses.

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